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    Little Krishna Images

    Table of contents:

    1.Who is Little Krishna?

    2.What is the symbolic meaning of Krishna in Indian culture?

    3.What is the relationship between Krishna and Radha?

    4.The love story of Krishna and Radha has inspired many artists and poets throughout history. Some examples include...

    Who is Little Krishna?

    Little Krishna could refer to the lordly deity, Lord Krishna, who is one of the principal gods of the Hindu religion. He is worshipped as Lord Vishnu's avatar and treated as the source of all divine powers. Krishna is usually portrayed as a naughty and playful infant or young prince playing the flute. A little Krishna can also denote an Indian mythological or folklore character owing to the single portrayal or interpretation of Lord Krishna from the pictures, literature, or other means of representation. Without more context, it is difficult to determine which specific Little Krishna you are referring to. Read More »

    Little Krishna Images

    What is the symbolic meaning of Krishna in Indian culture?

    On the Indian cultural plane, Krishna stands as the one avatar of Lord Vishnu, worshipped in the form of God. He belongs to one of the most loved and adored mischievous, playful gods of Hinduism. Krishna is often depicted as a child or a young man, playing the flute and surrounded by cows and gopis (milk maidens). He is also associated with love, kindness, and intelligence. He is considered to have preached the Bhagavad Gita, which forms the epic center of scripture in Hinduism. However, Krishna has been regarded at par with spiritual enlightenment and light for supreme reality. He is considered to have beyond all worldly illusions and attachments to have reached the state of enlightenment. His teachings emphasize very greatly on devotion, selfless service, and union of the individual soul with the Divine. Krishna was also related to the concept of right action dharma. It was believed that he showed the way to humanity regarding right action and saved the righteous by punishing the wicked. All said and done, Krishna has been one of the most revered and respected gods in Indian culture, and his symbols and teachings hold an important place for Hinduism. Read More »

    Little Krishna Images

    What is the relationship between Krishna and Radha?

    Krishna and Radha are characters of Hindu mythology, and their relationship is always called divine love. Radha is included as a beloved of Krishna in Hindu mythology, and they both are often depicted together. Theirs is considered as a kind of love, which includes the ideal type of love, representing a model for the bonding of divine and human. However, the type of relationship in between them remains an issue for interpretation, which cannot be made eligible by the same, based on different traditions and various texts. These views may vary, since some do view the relationship as purely spiritual, representing the love between the individual soul and the divine, while others do see that as if it is an earthly love story with all the complications and emotions of a human relationship. The relationship between Krishna and Radha, however, had always been a point of great significance in Hindu mythology. This relationship, in fact, inspired thousands of works of art, literature, and music. It was taken to be a symbol of the empowering quality of love and the pursuits for spiritual enlightenment. Read More »

    Little Krishna Images

    The love story of Krishna and Radha has inspired many artists and poets throughout history. Some examples include...

    The love story of Krishna and Radha has inspired many artists and poets throughout history. Here are some examples:
    1. Poets: The Bhakti Movement can be described as a devotional movement that stressed adoration of Lord Krishna and initiated in the 7th century CE. Many poets have written about the love between Krishna and Radha, like Jayadeva, who wrote the "Gita Govinda." There was a poem describing the love story of both of them.
    2. Painters: From the Pahari school of painting that had emerged during the golden period from the 17th to the 18th century, world-famous for its beautiful depiction of Krishna and Radha. There are paintings by many famous names of these characters, like Nainsukh, Pandit Seu, and Madhuvanhu Pandeya.
    3. Singers: Many devotional songs on the themes of love between Krishna and Radha have been produced. Among them, the noted are Purandara Dasa, Meera Bai, and Anup Jalota. Read More »

    Little Krishna Images

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